A Dubai Mainland license is an onshore license that offers entrepreneurs a premium pathway to establish and expand their businesses within and outside the UAE. Issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), these licenses provide exclusive benefits:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership of your Business
  • Amplifies Market Reach by Allowing to Conduct Business Anywhere in UAE
  • Allows you to Strategically Position your Business by Owning or Renting Office Spaces within Dubai Mainland
  • Ability to Work with Government Bodies
  • Fewer Nationality Restrictions
  • No Currency Restrictions
  • Ease in Opening Bank Accounts across the Big Banks in UAE
  • Financial Benefits of Little to No Tax and Minimal Capital Requirement
  • No Visa Limitations

With Dubai Mainland licenses, entrepreneurs thrive in a dynamic business ecosystem, empowered to achieve their growth objectives with flexibility and ease.


Industrial License

The Industrial License issued to a Mainland Company permits engagement in activities such as production, segregation, accumulation, and packaging. Typically granted to enterprises involved in converting raw materials into finished goods.

Commercial License

The Commercial License is designed for businesses involved in the buying and selling of goods and commodities within the UAE. It is also granted to traders engaged in retail, construction, and real estate activities.

Professional License

The Professional License is issued to individuals or corporations providing services based on skills, talent, and expertise. This includes professions such as accounting, design, and tourism and other professional services.

Tourism License

There are three types of licenses in the travel and tourism industry; one allows companies to manage local travel, another permits the sale of tourist packages outside Dubai and the third enables companies to organize global meetings, conferences, and exhibitions.


Choose your Activity and Structure

Before diving into setting up your company in Dubai, it is essential to decide the right category and nature of your business activity. With a wide array of options available, spanning over 1,500 business activities, you have the flexibility to choose what best suits your business

Registering your Company Name with DED

Choose a name for your company. Make sure that the name you chose is not already taken by another company in Dubai. Once a name has been decided and approved, register it with the DED. This process takes about three working days.

Apply for Mainland Trade License

After the company name is registered with the DED, you can apply for the mainland trade license. DED has the authority to decide and license all economic activities. This step requires several documents. Blackstone Business Consultancy handles all the paperwork and processes to ensure an efficient licensing procedure.

Getting a Residency and Office Space

Ejari/Tenancy Contracts issued by the Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA) is required to be submitted after the initial approval from the DED. Blackstone Business Consultancy assists you in acquiring your Ejari and permits for office spaces/co-working spaces.

Preparing the Necessary Documentation

These documents most importantly include the Memorandum of Association (MoA), the Article of Association (AoA), and the Board Resolution in some cases . This document states the information on the capital, share allocation, liberty every partner has. Our team helps you carefully draft these documents

Collect your License

Once all the documentation is ready and approved, you can pay the fee and collect your license and other necessary documents to start legal business operation in UAE.

Rapid Bank Account Opening

You need a corporate bank account to ensure seamless financial transactions for your business operations. Our team of experts also assist you throughout in obtaining a bank account suited to your banking needs.


By choosing a reputable business consultant in the UAE and Europe, you gain a strategic partner dedicated to your success, with the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to propel your business forward in these dynamic markets.

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